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Zara Ruby Lovell

"Hold me closer, tiny dancer."

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Name:Zara Ruby Lovell
Birthdate:Feb 12
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Zara Ruby Lovell was born and raised in Kensington, London and was the epitome of a kid growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth. However, she didn't have a posh bone in her body and defied the stereotype, save for the fact she went to an all-girls boarding school until she was almost 17, however that was only because it had an incredible ballet program. Zara was raised by her single father into a family of old money. However, her dad, Ezra, made his own millions as a fashion designer. Zara was conceived as a result of a one-night stand and although her biological mother agreed to go through with the pregnancy, she didn't want a child at that point in her life only just commencing her career as a young lawyer. Ezra wanted to keep the baby, and he did, raising Zara himself. Because of this, Zara is very much a daddy's little girl, and Ezra would do anything for her.

That was why, when Zara scored an audition at Joffrey Ballet School just shy of her 17th birthday, Ezra flew them both over to New York City for the big day. There were piles of auditions that day, and Zara was dizzy with excitement meeting one of her favourite dancers, Cheyne Rousseau. Only two position were available and it was cutthroat. However, the fact that Zara had been dancing since she was two years old and had been training in ballet since she was five, she was lucky enough to score one of the offers to attend Joffrey Balley School. The other place went to adorable 15 year old hottie, Harry Matheson, who - hands down - had the best audition of the day. Zara knew she was good at what she did, but what she saw that day, she knew Harry was more technically en-point than she was. He was amazing, and she soon struck up a close friendship with him, treating him as much like a little brother. Harry wasn't new to older siblings, having four of his own. When a production of Romeo + Juliet was commenced, both Zara and Harry auditioned... and scored the lead roles.

Ezra already had an office for his label in New York City, so his decision to move them over the ocean from London was easy. He purchased a beautiful apartment on the Upper East Side, and was over the moon for his little girl having scored a spot in the school of her dreams, learning under some incredible ballet dancers. Ezra fit into the New York fashion scene easily, and was welcomed with open arms. However, he, like many designers that day, were left shellshocked when Lincoln Cole was stabbed and nearly murdered on the Catwalk during a fashion show before Christmas. Both Ezra and Zara knew Lincoln from when he modelled Ezra's line for London Fashion Week a couple of years running.

Despite outwardly seeming very feminine, Zara has quite the tendency to be a tomboy. She's not afraid to get dirty, she'll laugh at fart jokes as much as any guy, and likes doing things like kicking a ball around or playing paintball and laser tag. She does love shopping, inheriting her love of fashion off her dad, and likes to think of herself as balance of girly-girl and tomboy. She's not afraid to speak her mind, when she loves, she loves hard, and she adores her friendships. However, she has been the victim of a bad break-up. Her first boyfriend back in England seemed like a sweetheart, until he wasn't. He was a trust fund kid, from just as privileged a background as she was, but he had a dark side. He was aggressive and violent when he got drunk, and tried to force himself on Zara at a party one night. Zara was still a virgin, and it terrified her. It was her screaming the place down that scared him off her, but her father still had him arrested for assault when he backhanded her to try to stop her screaming, and left her with a concussion and black eye.

Because of that, she hasn't tried dating since. Only a handful of people know what happened to her. She has been raised well, is polite, sweet, and respectful. She lets loose with her friends, but when she's dancing, she is the utmost professional. She loves living in New York, and loves Joffrey even more. She is in her element and can't believe she scored a lead so soon. Ever determined to reach for the stars with her dancing, Zara feels that right now, she is exactly where she's meant to be.

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